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Meg living with Hip Dysplacia and Sponylitis

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Meg, my border collie, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia four years ago, aged six.

At the time, she was an agility dog competing at shows most weekends and training twice a week.  She suddenly developed a severe limp and following an x-ray, I was told she had severe hip dysplasia in both hips and spondylosis.  She was on controlled lead walking only.

Her agility career ended on that day, and I thought her life had too.

Four years on, after receiving regular Bowen therapy from Zoe, she is a happy, healthy dog, leading a normal, happy life.  Something I did not think I would see four years ago.

I frequently take Meg walking on Dartmoor, where she enjoys long, daily walks.  Metacam is always packed, just in case, but so far, she has not needed it, even after a two hour walk.

Zoe is warm and compassionate.  Her treatment is gentle and she takes as much time as is needed for the individual.  Meg clearly enjoys being with Zoe and sleeps through most of her treatment!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Zoe.  She has given Meg and me a future together.

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Starting to Blog

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I will be starting to blog about issues relating to agility dogs and dogs in general. Please keep checking back for more information.

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Tonto a very nervous rescue dog

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Canine Bowen really helps the nervous/stressed and rescue dogs. Bowen helps by calming the nervous system and removing some of the stress in their body allowing them to be much more relaxed about life which in turn, seems to allow them to accept situations that were too much to deal with before.

Tonto was just that type of dog. He is a Yorkshire terrier aged 6-7yrs old. Everything in life was very scary for him. He originally came for Bowen because of an intermittent lameness in his shoulder, but, as a result of having three sessions of Bowen it helped him to become more accepting of his surroundings. Each time Cathy (his owner) brought him, she would tell Zoë of the amazing things that he has been doing that he never would have, prior to receiving Bowen Therapy. These included going up to complete strangers to say hello and have some fuss from them, taking treats from children, doing heel work to music. His agility improved and he even went up to the judge to say hello in competition and he attended a short course in balance & co-ordination which involved getting on lots of scary equipment that moved. This was something he would not have done prior to receiving the Bowen Technique. He now has a great outlook on life.

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Pi injures himself a few weeks before the Crufts Novice Finals!

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Pi is owned by Elaine Brammer and is a tri coloured 4yr old Border collie who competes very successfully in agility, qualifying for the Novice Finals at Crufts 2010. Disaster struck when Pi took a tumble chasing his ball, resulting in intermittent lameness to the right hind leg. After visiting the vet, of whom he is not keen on at the best of times and does not enjoy being examined by strangers, gave the prognosis of possible cruciate ligament damage. He was put on metacam, an anti-inflammatory and told to rest. Pi still had intermittent lameness. Elaine resigned herself to the fact that Pi would probably not run at Crufts.

Zoë suggested trying the Bowen Technique, even at this late stage (one week before crufts), Elaine had nothing to loose but was concerned that Pi would not let Zoë near him or his injury!  That is the wonderful thing about the Bowen Technique and the way in which it works. You do not need to treat the site of pain to have an effect. On the 4th March Pi arrived at Zoes for his first Bowen session. Zoe found him to be very sore in his neck, back, shoulders and hind limb, and was obviously wary, being in a strange place having a stranger touch him. Pi held his head low to limit the pain throughout his body. Pi soon settled allowing Zoë to work on him. After the first few moves were performed giving Pi almost instant relief, he came back to re-present for more Bowen.

Elaine brought Pi back for his second session five days later. On examination he was sound, straighter in his back and able to bare more weight on the hind leg. He was carrying his head higher with less heat and tightness in his neck and shoulders. Pi was much more keen to receive Bowen this time, allowing Zoë to do much more, including his sore leg.

Well it was up to Pi now if they went to Crufts. Elaine and Pi did go to Crufts a few days later. Pi had his third session a week later and has been competing well ever since with no sign of his lameness and more importantly did not require surgery!

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Chip Howard

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See attached scanned letter.


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Suzy Warren

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As you know Suzy is a very lively Jack Russell cross.


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