Diesiel an agility dog with attitude!

Diesel came for Canine Bowen  Therapy after he started running under jumps in competition. He was very sore through his back, shoulders and rib cage which affected also affected his pelvis.

His owner was concerned because he did not liked to be touched by strangers and was quite a nervous dog and could nip if he felt threatened.  I gave Diesel all the time he needed between moves and worked very gently always being mindful for him not to feel threatened. The 2nd session he was a little less nervous of me, and by the 3rd session I was his new best friend!

Canine Bowen Therapy has not only helped Diesel to recover from his injury, but also it has helped with his aggressive tendency towards other dogs and his sensitive nature in day to day life.

Here’s a  text from his owner Fiona letting me know about Diesel

Hi Zoe.

Sorry, very long text! Thought I should let you know what has just transpired. Diesel is usually nervous and untrustworthy around any other dog. My friend who has 2 collies came to visit. We met at the woods and walked the dogs then they all came back for dinner at my place. Diesel was soooo good. Colin couldn’t believe how well they all got on as in the past diesel has been rather unsociable and a bit scary. Would like to think your treatment has relaxed him and made him more comfortable with himself. Just wanted you to know of this change: Fiona