What happens before and throughout a Canine Bowen Therapy Session?

You will be sent a vet referral form to be filled in and signed by your veterinary practice prior to Zoë seeing your dog. You will be asked to fill in a Canine History form. This informs Zoë of your contact details, any pre-existing medical conditions and medication. When you meet Zoë, she will go through your dogs history with you. This is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions or tell her of anything else you think may be relevant and this also gives your dog the opportunity to settle with Zoë. You may be asked to walk/trot the dog towards and away from her so she can asses their movement. Zoë will then examine the dog further and providing the dog is happy, she will begin the session. The dog will lead the session which generally takes around 20 minutes, sometimes longer if they are very nervous. The dog’s welfare is paramount at all times. You will stay with your dog at all times.

What does Bowen Technique actually entail?

A Bowen Therapy session consists of small moves performed over key points of the body. It is a rolling action of the therapists fingers over soft tissue, (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia). It is very gentle and does not look like very much is happening but it is incredibly powerful. At points throughout the session, Zoë will take very short breaks between some moves. The dog will also decide when to put a break in, allowing them time to process the changes within their body before returning for more. You will be given an after-care sheet to manage your dog over the days following their Bowen session.

Do dogs enjoy having Bowen?

During the first session some dogs can be a little wary, this is normal. However, because Bowen Therapy is so effective and relief is brought about quite rapidly, the dog soon learns to accept the Bowen Therapy. When they realise they have arrived for more Bowen they are very keen to get started, presenting Zoë with the area they wish to be worked on first. The changes in nervous and timid dogs can be quite remarkable.

Where are you based?

Zoë is based in Hawkhurst, on the Kent East Sussex border, five minutes from the A21, 30 minutes from the M25.

Do you do home visits?

Zoë does home visits by arrangement however, there is a mileage charge. Zoë will discuss the cost prior to visiting your dog. Zoë can hold clinic days for training clubs. Why not get several members together for treatment at a reduced rate? (Applicable to a minimal of 6 dogs)

Why do I need to fill out a Canine History Form?

By filling in the Canine History form, this gives Zoë your contact details, past and present medical history of your dog and contact details of your vet, allowing Zoë to keep them up to date with your dogs progress. Click here to down load a form

Do I have to get my vets permission?

Yes it is a requirement under the Veterinary Surgery Exemptions Order 1962 and 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act. It is also a requirement of our insurance policy. Most vets are very accommodating to new therapies. Zoe is always happy to speak with your vet prior to your dog having Canine Bowen Therapy. Click here to down load a vet referral form

How many treatments would the dog need?

It will depend upon the reason for seeking Bowen therapy and how long they have had the condition. Every dog is assessed on his or her own medical history. As a rough guide Zoë will advise between 3 to 6 sessions 7 days apart to greatly improve most Zoë will assesses your dog at every session and advise accordingly.

Do you give informative talks about the benefits of Canine Bowen Technique?

Zoë is always happy to give talks on Canine Bowen Therapy and its benefits to dogs. If you would like Zoë to give a talk, please call her to discuss your requirements in more details.

How do I Book an Appointment?

Call or email Zoë. If she is unable to take your call at that time, do leave a message with your contact details she will call you back. If you see me at an agility/showing event, stop and ask me I will be happy to tell you all about this wonderful therapy. I am also happy to check your dog over for any tight muscles/heat spots and to check their movement, free of charge.

How long does a session take?

This will depend upon your dog. Generally speaking the session takes between 20-30 minute’s, if your dog is very nervous of strangers then it will take longer, Zoë will not begin until your dog is happy to be touched and it may be that the first session is purely allowing the dog to get used to Zoë with no moves being performed. Owners are amazed at how their dog takes to Zoë and the Bowen Technique.