Wavesong Eiza Promise – Grace

Grace is my little Ferrari, she loves agility and can often be seen flat on the floor with her tuggy watching the other dogs do agility.

Grace has been hard work, she was attacked by a few dogs as a puppy. This led to her meeting and nipping everything before it got her, which in turn made socialising very difficult. In her training class Grace would lunge and bark at any dog doing a recall or retrieve, but with a lot of hard work and patience I have the dog of my dreams.  Exceptionally fast, driven and dedicated to the cause!

I still have a lot of learning on how to handle Grace on a course at the moment I equate her to a out of control Ferrari on an episode of Top Gear, enormous fun but a bit scary at times!! Click here to see grace in training most of her faults are handler error – as I say working progress

Grace still has a lot to learn about agility, we are looking forward to a few shows this year (2013) to get her used to the ring environment with 2014 being her first proper competing season.

Grace passed all of her good citizen tests by the time she was a year, the waiting was and still is difficult for Grace, she just wants to get on with the job in hand and who can blame her Agility is so much fun!!