Meg living with Hip Dysplacia and Sponylitis

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Meg, my border collie, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia four years ago, aged six.

At the time, she was an agility dog competing at shows most weekends and training twice a week.  She suddenly developed a severe limp and following an x-ray, I was told she had severe hip dysplasia in both hips and spondylosis.  She was on controlled lead walking only.

Her agility career ended on that day, and I thought her life had too.

Four years on, after receiving regular Bowen therapy from Zoe, she is a happy, healthy dog, leading a normal, happy life.  Something I did not think I would see four years ago.

I frequently take Meg walking on Dartmoor, where she enjoys long, daily walks.  Metacam is always packed, just in case, but so far, she has not needed it, even after a two hour walk.

Zoe is warm and compassionate.  Her treatment is gentle and she takes as much time as is needed for the individual.  Meg clearly enjoys being with Zoe and sleeps through most of her treatment!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Zoe.  She has given Meg and me a future together.