Older Dogs

The Bowen Technique helps to improve their quality of life by reducing pain levels, easing stiff muscles and giving back older dogs their interest in life. Bowen Therapy is particularly good at reducing pain and inflammation. This can result in the dog having improved mobility, more interest in life and hopefully a reduction in medication. Older dogs that receive regular Bowen therapy are still keen to go for walks, and generally more able to enjoy engaging with their family, for longer.

In short Bowen Therapy for the older dog can help:

  • Reduce pain levels
  • Aiming to reduce the amount of medication required to keep your dog as pain free as possible
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Gives the dog back their interest in the family, instead of sitting in their bed all day sleeping
  • Dogs are able and willing to walk further
  • The Bowen Technique can significantly improve the health and quality of life of the older dog.

Click here for leaflet on older dogs