Performance Dogs

How Bowen can help the working and performance dog?

Bowen Therapy is a very effective therapy for improving and maintaining the working and performance dog. The working and performance dog is subjected to many stresses upon the mind and body, including their joints, muscles, and ligaments and for some dogs stress is a major factor. Having regular Bowen Therapy ensures the dog is not over compensating due to sore or tight muscles, which could lead to a loss of performance or worse an injury, which could mean months out of action or even retirement from competition.

Bowen Therapy is particularly good at reducing stress levels. When a dog has high stress levels it can affect their performance, induce weight loss, an inability to settle when off duty, and even lower their immune system, in turn leading to illness.

The Bowen Technique has helped Zoë’s own agility dog Lilly (a gsd x collie), prior to having regular Bowen Therapy, Lilly was consistently three quarters of a second behind first place. That gap closed to 0.020th of  a Second. Lilly is a much stronger and more agile dog as a result of receiving regular Bowen therapy. The most noticeable thing is how quickly Lilly recovers from a hard days competing or training which means she can compete over several days with no loss of performance.

How can Bowen Therapy help the Show Dog?

Bowen can help the showing dog by improving their flexibility in the back and shoulders thus allowing for the limbs to follow through without restriction or muscle tightness. It is vital for a show dog to have  good even muscle tone, without restriction or tightness, which allows a consistent smooth swing through their top line. They should be able to track up with their hind limbs and be able move  in a straight line with all four limbs. This is the difference to winning a class or not.

Dogs that lack confidence in the ring can benefit from receiving regular Bowen Therapy. Dog show’s, especially the big champ shows, can be a very stressful experience for the dog. Some dogs become nervous when being handled by the judge, shying away or showing aggression. If this is not normal behaviour for your show dog, it is worth getting them checked over as they may just have a sore muscle or two. If it is due to stress, dogs that have regular Bowen Therapy are calmer and happier resulting in a dog that really wants to show his socks of for you.