Blenmerrow Minute Waltz – Roxy

Sometimes you find a dog and just fall in love,  I never believed for one moment that I  would have the chance of owning Roxy as she is now known. Roxy has come to live with us by kind permission of Margaret and Dave Lambert.

I first saw Roxy when she was five weeks old when I was looking for a prospective stud dog for Fizz. I did indeed use him, and what wonderful drive he put into his puppies.

I took Chip (Wavesong Jumping Jac Flash) back to see Margret and Dave when he was 10 weeks old. There was Mia (that was her name then) full of energy, she gave me a wonderful greeting before she went off to play chase with Chip. Roxy was 5 months old as this stage. I thought her drive was amazing, so I made one of those flippant comments as you do….. “if you ever want to get rid of that pup please let me know” all the time thinking she would be great for agility. Never in a million years did I think I would be so lucky.

Well when Roxy was 9 months old, I got an email asking if I was interested in her on breeding terms as they could not live with her any longer as she was too much of a live wire! and really needed to be in a working home. Well as you can imagine I didn’t need asking twice and within a week Roxy came to live with us. Chip thought it was fantastic as he now had his half sister to play with as well as Taz.

Roxy has settled in, as if she has always been here and absolutely adores my husband Geoff, from the moment she first saw him and everyday since she greets him as if she hasn’t seen him for months.

She has started her education and will hopefully take her good citizen tests soon.