Wavesong Royal Dancer – Taz

Taz was supposed to be going to a very rich family in Chelsea, on doing my home check I decided they were not right for homing one of my pups, so Taz came back home to live with us.

She is very loving, has a fantastic brain, she has to be the cheekiest shepherd we have. It is not unusual for her to come over take hold of your hand because she is bored and wants to play.

She has lovely drive and quite often follows the collies into the agility paddock to play on the equipment. Although she is young she has a very old head on her, she adores our sheltie Chip, they are always playing together and when Chip finally goes to sleep you can find them curled up together. Why not click on the link below to see a clip of them playing, its adorable and demonstrates how gentle our shepherds are.

Taz also loves water, here is a clip of her playing in the paddling pool for the first time

Taz playing with Chip
Taz Playing with Water