Tonto a very nervous rescue dog

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Canine Bowen really helps the nervous/stressed and rescue dogs. Bowen helps by calming the nervous system and removing some of the stress in their body allowing them to be much more relaxed about life which in turn, seems to allow them to accept situations that were too much to deal with before.

Tonto was just that type of dog. He is a Yorkshire terrier aged 6-7yrs old. Everything in life was very scary for him. He originally came for Bowen because of an intermittent lameness in his shoulder, but, as a result of having three sessions of Bowen it helped him to become more accepting of his surroundings. Each time Cathy (his owner) brought him, she would tell Zoë of the amazing things that he has been doing that he never would have, prior to receiving Bowen Therapy. These included going up to complete strangers to say hello and have some fuss from them, taking treats from children, doing heel work to music. His agility improved and he even went up to the judge to say hello in competition and he attended a short course in balance & co-ordination which involved getting on lots of scary equipment that moved. This was something he would not have done prior to receiving the Bowen Technique. He now has a great outlook on life.

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